Wy'east Wildlands LLC is a wildland fire suppression company with two crews based out of the Columbia River Gorge. Wildland Firefighters that work for Wy'east Wildlands LLC are hardworking, dependable, self-disciplined and team-oriented individuals with a willingness to learn and perform in diverse environments.

Wy'east prides itself in providing highly trained professional wildland firefighting crews that work throughout the United States. Our crews in 5 different states in 2017 and 4 in 2018...we were paid to visit Glacier National Park. We consistently receive excellent evaluations on assignments and are known for our professionalism. We were featured in buzzfeed.com and other periodicals, check out the article written about one of our crews in Montana below.



-Be 18 years of age or older -Pass physical fitness testing (3 miles with 45 pound pack in under 45 minutes- flat ground) -Maintain an active cell phone throughout fire season for dispatching. Text messaging capability is recommended -Maintain a professional appearance -Have a positive attitude and exceptional work ethic


-Operate outdoors in remote and rugged conditions -Be prepared for assignments with extended travel (14 - 21 days) and overnight camping. -Contain, control and suppress wildland fires -Rapid on-call deployment preparedness for wildland incidents -Utilize hand tools and equipment, such as pulaski, shovel, hazel hoe, ax, and chainsaw -Perform activities including fireline construction, fuels reduction, hose systems, mopping up, and chainsaw work -Coordinate as an organized crew during wildfires while holding line, patrolling, monitoring fire behavior, and performing mop-up operations -Follow the chain of command -Abide by all safety standards

SAFETY is our TOP PRIORITY! We are looking for entry level and experienced wildland firefighters and EMT's. Wages depend on experience, starting out at $16.54 an hour with overtime. Experienced firefighters, overhead or medical certs make more depending on qualifications and experience. Work weeks are usually around 100 hours, sometimes more depending on conditions. Wildland firefighting is seasonal, fire season generally goes from June-October.

Send us an email at WyeastWildlands@gmail.com or give us a call or text at 541-914-5085 for more information. Entry level classes start May 28th to May 31st in the Dalles, get ahold of us for details! Training cost is covered by the company. We look forward to hearing from you