Hello community,

My friend Carlos is back in his beloved Gorge and is teaching flamenco guitar lessons. Carlos is a flamenco and kiteboarding instructor in Spain and travels the world as a jack of all trades. Uknowingly, he has become an ambassador to the mellifluous iberian rythms that gather people around him every time he sets the guitar on his lap. For this reason, after a few inquiries, I decided to make a listing given that artists tend to make poor marketers.

To give you a brief profile, Carlos, has been playing flamenco in Mallorca for 30 years and is equipped with infinite patience and a careful and tactful method that can serve anyone with a willingness to learn, regardless of skill or talent. He is fluent in all flamenco sub-genres, from bulerías to alegrías and fandangos.

For those of you unfamiliar with the style, flamenco was formed in the cultural delta region of Andalusia, Spain, where oriental, gipsy, and European folkloric traditions blended into it. If you are not interested in becoming a master of this romantic sound, it can still provide you with a valuable repertoire of techniques, especially rythmic and strumming-hand oriented that can spice up any classic hit.

My number is 541 380 0126-- Nicolas Salter (Nick) and we are in the Hood River Heights where the lessons would be imparted.