RANCH COOK/FIELD MEDIC/HERBALIST/GARDENER/SECURITY This is a one person task description. Scratch cook from dry pantry/garden/root cellar on LP cook stove/oven/crock pot for upwards of four people at high season. All kitchen duty assumed by cook unless an idle worker is available for food prep/dishes/etc. bonus points if you know fermentation, canning/drying food preservation methods. We all eat leftovers so cooking once a day is reasonable. Medical back ground to conduct triage/bone sets/general health/etc. Herbalist for homeopathic treatment. Gardener will oversee & control small food crops to feed us. The crew will provide tillage, hoop house build & assist in planting/weeding. Security consist of observation onsite and communication to crew/Straw boss for assistance. A homebody personality is ideal for continuous onsite observation, spatial awareness is critical. Bonus points if candidate has experience with livestock, irrigation, farm equipment, pulling trailers, wood heat, sewing, additional homestead skills. This is not a salary job. Compensation is room & board. This is an adventure for the right fit to step away from the shit storm looming on the horizon. Property is posted “No Trespassing”, only occupants are allowed access. Half measures are not acceptable, I expect your loyalty & you may expect my loyalty in return. Alcohol/420 fine if done responsibly. Winters are slow with time to prep and research but the other three seasons are active, you must be an outdoor enthusiast. Winter lodging is in the bunkhouse with wood stove, warm weather lodging is spread out with tiny housing. Pets considered on a case by case basis, working dogs go to top of the list. This position requires one who is industrious during the day and sleeps at night, please no night owls. Please send a letter of introduction.