Im currently located in goldendale wa and I run a small kennel for anyone who disabled, has any mental health conditions and children that need a animal for for multple reasons. We also due training. We also run a rescue for the bully breed during the colder months. I'm looking to move towards the city to be closer to my patients and to be able to expand. I'm hoping that someone has property, small as my kennel is small, a acre less even with a home on it and water access. I work closely with my dogs and am very clean and organized. I've been breeding for 12 years now that my kids are adults I have more time to spend on my business and ideas I have for it. I have been fully self sufficient the last 12 years and never talk any outside support. If anyone is interested in looking for property towards Stevenson, camas, Vancouver area. Please let me know what's available 509-314-0357 or