Housekeeper in Hood River

Ready to come home to a clean house after a long day? I offer services around Hood River, Odell, and Parkdale. Looking for a Housekeeper for your vacation rentals for better guest experience? I am here to help!

I can take care of:

Kitchen cleaning including dishwasher, bathroom(s), livingroom(s), and patio/porch. This all involves dusting, surface cleaning, scrubbing, mopping and vacuuming. For vacation homes, I can take care of the all of the above including bedrooms. Further, I will carry my own cleaning supplies, and microfiber mop. Keep in mind, for each client, I keep microfiber mop cloth and all cleaning cloths separate per home for sanitary purposes, also, no cloth/rags will be used in bathroom(s), only disposable kitchen towel roll. Please be aware to have your own personal vacuum and broom.

** Mask, gloves, and sanitizing kit will be used**

For more information search Jennifer L by visiting for Hood River location or copy and paste the safe link below that will take you directly to my Housekeeping account.