4 bedroom 2 bathroom home in Odell, OR across from Mid Valley Elementary

Seeking respectful and responsible tenants

We currently have 3 unfurnished rooms for viewing and 2 are available for rent. Seeking single occupant per room unfortunately no additional pets at this time we currently have 3 dogs and 1 cat in this home. Rooms are almost split: 2 on the east end with smaller bathroom (shower only) and 2 on the west end has full bathroom. Each side has a restroom which would be shared with respective roommate neighbor. Common areas will include: the kitchen, living room, and laundry.

Smallest room is $550, Medium room is $650, Largest room with private entrance $750

Rent includes: Utilities and Wifi First and last month rent+$100 deposit. Requesting a 6mo commitment, but are open to discuss other options. We will upload pictures asap having issues loading them at this time.

0 tolerance home - demonstrations of hate against our neighbors will not be tolerated in this home. Our community is so diverse - Be nice you're in Oregon!